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Reviews Nov2012 pt1

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Reviews are brief and late – partially due to getting delivery monthly; partially due to time taken to get around to reading them!


Week of Release: 7/11/12

Dial H #6 (DC COMICS) – 4.0/5

Splendid offbeat tale examining the unPC possibilities of dialled heroes. Doctor Cloaca? Shudder! It’s no surpise by now that Nelson is becoming almost addicted to the heroing and I suspect the lack of smoking may reference that – something for future tales? The downside of the dial is touched on again, at a more personal level, and a new story is set up. It’s a pity that this series will surely be cancelled soon!


Earth 2 #6 (DC COMICS) – 2.5/5

Finally, the rot saga wraps up and Green Lantern shows himself to be more arrogant than I’d expected. There’s not a great deal of value here but the promise remains, now that arc is done. An awful lot depends on the next couple of issues for me…


Manhattan Projects #7 (IMAGE) – 3.5/5

This is a bit of an oddity for this series being more political than outlandish mad science. It seems to have set the Project up against governments which will either play out or might suggest that this has become a limited series. Difficult to tell. Laika’s contribution was no surprise but no less fun for that. Good to hear Hickman’s enthusiasm for this series on the back page and I hope it gets on track soon. There’s nothing quite as nuts out there.


Hypernaturals #5 (DC COMICS) – 3.5/5

Thinkwell gets more definition as Braniac 5, the Clones are fleshed out nicely, the expected villain really isn’t and the Fatal Five arrive. Sort of. Ad for “AI Law” is particularly fun. This is turning in to a very good series and sharper art would kick it up a notch.


Action Comics #14 (DC COMICS) – 3.5/5

Well, that’s gravity and electromagnetism unified, then. It’s odd that the moment focusses on the feat of resisting electricity rather than solving that! It’s quite fun, for all that, with a nice use of a fork for explanation and the (not unexpected) reveal of just who the angelic host really is. Except that it’s an imp – though this one seems rather more like the murderous version from Moore’s “…Man of Tomorrow” tale. Nice backup tale, too, if a bit telegraphed.



Week of Release: 14/11/12

Batman #14 (DC COMICS) – 4.0/5

The grimness continues with implied badness to Alfred, clear badness to Gordon and Batman being taken down rather too easily. This is a dark Joker tale and I suspect it has worse places to go and that Snyder has something unusual up his sleeve. It’s good, with excellent characterisation, especially between Bats and Nightwing – though I general prefer the maniac to have a little more humour than here. Capullo is reliable as ever, especially when the estimable Jock is doing the backup.


Saga #7 (IMAGE) – 4.5/5

The inlaws have arrived giving us some background on Marko and Capulet/Montague premise; and some more of the curious mix of sci-fi and magic, including a neat reveal about Marko’s dad. Plot elements (the bounty hunter) are moved along with terrific, natural development through conversation, which is part of what keeps this tale so real. Staples draws the best faces in comics. And also a quite unpleasant full-page giant… Wonderful comic.


X-Men Legacy #1 (MARVEL COMICS) – 2.5/5

Taking a chance on this as I like Spurrier; it carries his (overly?) distinct voice. A promising set up, coming directly out of the death of Xavier, but it really is only set up. This will take a few more issues – not helped by the fact that I’m not a particular fan of Tan Eng Huat’s art.



An epilogue issue, dealing out a little justice, showing that the status quo never changes for business, just the names, and a lovely callback to Hughie’s reason for being here – with a happy ending to boot! Only for those who’ve been reading the series, but what else would you expect? A fair goodbye, sweetly illustrated.


Extermination #6 (BOOM! STUDIOS) – 4.0/5

The battle to save the earth continues and is now much more superhero-ey than the initial dystopian sci-fi issues. Reaper and Nox are separated by their moral values, their differences towards relationships being underlined (and Nox’s showing complexity and humour with the “loner” flashbacks). The art seems to be better – not sure if it’s change of colorist or V Ken Marion being on full duty, but I like it. Also: fabulous porn Hulk. Curious as to how there can be 2 issues still to go…

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