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So that was the Premiership, then. Blimey.

As  a Liverpool fan, I can’t find any love for Manchester United and turned off SkyGo at 90 minutes, saddened that, yet again, they would sneak the Premiership. 5 minutes later, logged on again to check final scores, only to be confronted with a sea of leaping blue shirts. It took a moment: blue shirts.

Astonishing ending to the season after a variety of crazy results and unexpected to-and-fro-ing. It’s the sort of finalé that you would want in a perfect world, but only in retrospect; this is not the sort of finalé that anybody would surely choose to shred their nerves through.

A pity that Joey Barton yet again showed his true colours, though lucky for him that it didn’t end with QPR being relegated (though that would have been preferable to Bolton). But a small blip on an enthralling day.

And so the title is bought, many will say; sad but true, I feel. Money has poisoned the game. But that’s a lengthy waffle for another day.

Though it’s arguable, perhaps, that Manchester United bought it too. It’s just that it was much cheaper back then…




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